Platform and Pitched Tent Camping



PLATFORM AND PITCHED TENT CAMPING (fifth core outdoor class – an overnight experience beginning at  2:00 PM one day and ending about 9:00 AM the next morning – evening snack and breakfast included – Participants should dress for the weather & bring: completed heath history form, a cup of your favorite GORP ingredient for making an afternoon snack,  Brown-Bag Supper,  Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting,  one activity each for nighttime, campfire, and inclement weather to share (something you have tired or that sounds like fun), pocket/jackknife, water bottle or insulated cup, camp chair or sit-upon, personal & sleeping gear appropriate for tent camping (dress for the weather we will be outside most of the time, a hygiene kit, sleepwear, flashlight, sleeping bag and pillow), & pencil or pen. Supports Related Badges: Junior Eco Camper, Cadette Trailblazing, Cadette Trail Adventure, Senior Adventure Camper, Senior Snow or Climbing Adventure, ambassador Ultimate Recreation Challenge.

The girls love being outside and together you have taken day trips, visited parks and trails, and even spent a weekend in a cabin camping. They are ready for the next step and you want to be prepared for a safe first adventure as you try platform or pitched tent camping!  This overnight class lets you experience first-hand what girls will get to try and provides you with the skills needed to make the experience enjoyable for all.  Participants should be comfortable with these outdoor skills:  dressing for the weather, sleeping on a cot or in a sleeping bag, being able to build and maintain a wood or charcoal fire and understand fire safety principles, be familiar with meal planning and camp and meal kapers, as well as being able to tie some simple knots (overhand, square and taut-hitch).  You will learn how to select and pitch a regular tent, learn how to care for and protect a platform tent, hang a tarp and set up a camping site with different designated areas (for sleeping, cooking, and washing.)  You will practice essential skills and learn about night time and inclement weather activities.