Outdoor Cooking



OUTDOOR COOKING (fourth core outdoor class – participants should be comfortable in the outdoors and know fire safety rules – 4 hours in duration meal included – $15) Participants dress for the weather & bring: completed heath history form, hair tie for long hair, mess kit and eating utensils (or plastic plate & bowl) in a mesh dunk bag, & pencil or pen. Supports Related Badges: Daisy Buddy Camper, Brownie Cabin Camper, Brownie Eco Friend, Brownie Celebrating Community, Brownie GS ways, Brownie Cabin Camper, Brownie Outdoor Adventurer, Junior GS Way, Junior Camper, Cadette GS Way, Cadette Trailblazing, Senior GS Way.

Ready for the next step in your outdoor progression?  Learn how to set up a camp site for cooking.  Prepare to teach girls the skills need to complete the tasks of cooking a simple meal.  This will include kitchen skills, food storage, liquid and solid waste handling, dishwashing, and more.  Practice your fire building & safety skills and experience different methods of cooking using a charcoal fire and camp stove.  You get to eat your classwork!