Orienteering Fun



ORIENTEERING FUN (a fun daytime enrichment class- 3 hours duration) Participants dress for the weather & bring: completed health history form, a compass (if you have one), & pencil or pen.  Supports Related Badges: Daisy Trail Adventurer, Brownie Hiker, Brownie Cabin Camper, Brownie Trail Adventure, Brownie Letter Boxer, Junior Camper, Junior Geocacher, Junior Trail Adventure, Cadette Trailblazing, Cadette Trail Adventure, Cadette Primitive Camper, Senior Adventure Camper, Senior Trail Adventure, Senior Snow or Climbing Adventure, Ambassador Survival Camper, Ambassador Outdoor Art Master, Ambassador Ultimate Recreation Challenge. Ambassador Trail Adventure.

Trail walking in your futures?  If so, you need to understand the basics of being prepare and what to do if lost and teach these principles to the girls. Then you should consider the two most important tools used as you begin this exploration: a compass and a map.  In this class, you will learn: how to hold a compass; take a bearing and follow that bearing; read a map and understand its features; practice determining distance and learn how to determine your pace.  Then, you will use a compass with a map and even explore topographical maps and their usefulness.  Maybe letterboxing, geocaching or orienteering is in your future as well.