Night Time Fun



NIGHTTIME FUN (a fun evening and nighttime enrichment class – an overnight experience at camp – usually 7:00 PM one evening until 9:00 AM the next day – $10) Participants dress for the weather & bring: a completed health history form, personal and sleeping gear for an overnight at camp, flashlight, water bottle or insulated cup. Supports Related Badges: Daisy Buddy Camper, Daisy Space Science Explorer, Brownie Outdoor Adventurer, Brownie Space Science Adventurer, Brownie Senses, Brownie Hiker, Junior Camper, Junior Outdoor Art Explorer, Junior Space Science Investigator, Junior Detective, Cadette Night Owl, Cadette Trailblazing, Cadette Outdoor Art Apprentice, Cadette Breathe Journey, Cadette Space Science Researcher, Senior Sky, Senior Space Science Expert

Wonder what you and girls can do after the sun goes down?  You don’t have to just enjoy campfires and smores – there is much more to do.   You can get girls comfortable being and playing in the dark.  This class begins before the sun does down so you will learn about night vision, eye shine, and red lenses and make some props to take home to share with your troop.  Once darkness settles in, you will experience some night hikes, night games, and look at the stars plus more fun activities.  Come and Enjoy and evening in the wild!