Leave No Girl Inside



LEAVE NO GIRL INSIDE (first core outdoor class – 2 hours in duration) Supports Related Badges: Brownie Senses, Brownie Outdoor Adventure, Brownie Art Creator, Brownie Eco Friend, Brownie Bugs, Junior Flowers, Junior Gardener, Junior Animal Habitats, Junior Outdoor Art Explorer, Cadette Trees, Cadette Breathe Journey, Senior Sky.

GSUSA outdoor progression has 8 steps designed to take girls from simple activities used to increase nature awareness all the way to primitive camping and backpacking.  In this class, troop leaders learn how to work with girls in the beginning stages of exploring the world outside.  They receive hands-on suggestions of things to do, tools and resources to use, and practical information related to badges and journeys.  This class covers the first 3 steps of the 8 step progression: Look Out; Meet Out; Move Out.   Class Duration 2 hours with handouts.