Explore Out



EXPLORE OUT (second core outdoor class – about 3 hours in duration with a hike included.  Participants should dress for the weather & bring: a completed health history form, & pencil or pen.)  Supports Related Badges: Daisy Buddy Camper, Daisy eco Learner, Daisy Trial Adventure, Brownie Outdoor Adventurer, Brownie Cabin Camper, Brownie Outdoor Art Creator, Brownie Celebrating Community, Brownie Eco Friend, Brownie Hiker, Brownie Trial Adventure, Junior Camper, Junior Eco Camper, Junior Trail Adventure,  Cadette Eco Trekker, Cadette Trailblazing, Cadette Trail Adventure, Senior Adventure Camper, Senior Trail Adventure, Ambassador Survival Camper.

As adult volunteers you have explored the first 3 steps in the GSUSA Outdoor Progression with girls in the troop and are ready to Explore Out.  This class helps you understand the importance of moving from simple hunts and hikes in your community (close to your meeting site), to short day trips (maybe including a brown bag meal), and eventually to longer trail walks (lasting most of the day or longer).  Adults discuss skills needed, things to pack, and items to consider when moving further out. You will investigate common fears and concerns girls and adults may have about going as well as considering Leaving No Trace Principles.