Cabin Camping



CABIN CAMPING (third core outdoor class; this class or a skills assessment required for securing a council campsite – 3.5 hours in duration where you learn to build a wood fire – $15) Participants dress for the weather & bring: completed health history form, small bag of tinder or kindling, water bottle or insulated cup, hair tie for long hair, garden kneeling pad or sit-upon, camp chair, & pencil or pen. Supports Related Badges: Brownie Cabin Camper, Brownie Outdoor Art, Brownie Eco Friend, Brownie Trail Adventure, Junior Camper, Junior Eco Camper, Cadette Trailblazing, Cadette Primitive Camper,

Can’t wait to share a troop camping experience with your troop?  This class will help you in preparing  girls for an exciting and safe overnight adventure.  Learn about GSGATL camp properties and their amenities; how to help girls plan and pack for the adventure; ways to plan and prepare simple meals; the process of increasing girl’s outdoor skills and interests over time; fire safety so you can enjoy smores, and tips for things to do when you take girls outdoors!