LARC Training Opportunities

LARC Training Opportunities: Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta provides adult training courses led by skilled and enthusiastic volunteer facilitators and staff council trainers. Use your mouse to hover over the icons below to see what learning and development opportunities are available to you.

Online TrainingOnline Training: Stay up to date with training that is available 24/7.
Get CertifiedGet Certified: Whether you’re a new leader, or a volunteer who needs a certification in order to travel or take girls into the outdoors, you can explore this folder to find what you need.
Troop Leader TrainingTroop Leader Training: Here are all of the training courses for new and experienced Troop Leaders.
Volunteer ToolkitVolunteer Toolkit: Everything you need to know about your personal digital assistant, the Volunteer Tool Kit, including how to’s, creating a plan, customization, adding activities, finance reports, and much more.
In-Person TrainingIn-Person Training: Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta has a number of in person training classes taught by energetic and engaged council staff or terrific volunteers. Check out what’s available! All classes are on a first come first serve basis and may have an enrollment minimum or maximum. Some are free, and others have a fee. Check it out!
Service Unit CaféService Unit Café Are you one of our great Service Unit Volunteers? If so, you will want to explore this area to find out all of the resources that will help you to fulfill your role better. Find position descriptions, previous trainings and other important information.
Trainer CaféTrainer Café If you want to join the ranks of our official volunteer trainers, please check out how you can enroll to become a facilitator for First Aid/ CPR, Troop Trainer and Leader Coach, and much more.
Events Events: Stay in the know by looking at what is happening over the next year. Here you can find information on upcoming events such as Outdoor Blast or Mountain Magic.